Time to end our “love affair” with guilt!


Key Takeaways:

1) No matter your behavior or words, you remain innocent forever.
2) We are attracted to guilt as it appears to give the “story of me” power to create or influence.
3) We also want to project guilt in order to be “innocent” in the worlds’s eyes, deepening the pain.

Simply Accept This Truth

We can’t be reminded too many times about the absolute and incontrovertible truth of our innocence. This is true despite all we’ve been taught and have assumed to be true based on our “eye witness accounts.” Oh dear, nothing so unreliable as our assumptions and conclusions about the guilt/innocence controversy. So how about if we stop debating and simply accept this truth - you are as innocent and undefiled to this day as a newborn baby. No one in their right mind condemns a newborn as guilty.

Somewhere along the line, we confused ourselves greatly and decided that words and deeds that are mean, cruel, thoughtless - unloving in any way - destroy our innocence and confirm our guilt. They do not. They may appear to be damaging to a body or ego, but not to the eternal brilliant truth of all that is.

Start All Over

We have a love/hate relationship with guilt. We want some to “prove” the body/ego has power. Just look at how those words and deeds can hurt! However, we don’t want too much guilt because it’s deeply painful and fear-producing so we project guilt on to others to relieve our pain. Except this doesn’t work, but backfires. So let’s just realize we’ve been deeply and completely misguided on the entire topic and start all over. You are eternally and totally innocent as the expression of love you truly are. End of story - beginning of the life you truly deserve!

With love and peace to all,


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