Coincidences Remind Us of Something Much Deeper - The Instant and Eternal Truth of Our Oneness!


Key Takeaways

  1. You are way more than the physical body/intellectual mind.
  2. All knowledge is built into your conscious awareness.
  3. Look for moments of “coincidences” to remind you that you are noticed and cared for.

Your True Infinite Self

We can never be reminded too many times or ways that we are infinitely more than we seem to be.  Since we are all deeply mired in the myth that we are only a physical body, with a mind that operates intellectually, with the constant imperative to keep body and sense of self safe, this assertion sounds like a fairy tale to be discarded as we “mature.”  So it’s very helpful when situations or happenings occur that simply cannot be explained by our limited sense of self with its equally limited assets.  

Synchronicity Beyond Belief

Therefore, this tale is a reminder that there is more to us and our ability to “tune in” than we are usually aware of. Many years ago, a woman in the Netherlands called me unexpectedly one afternoon related to some planning for an Attitudinal Healing event taking place over there and I had some necessary information she needed. Those details are not relevant. Then, out of the blue she asked me if I knew a man named Moorhead Kennedy and I responded that I did not. She filled me in with details about him, which were very interesting. He had been one of the Americans captured and held hostage for more than a year by the Iranians in 1979. Immediately, after we ended our call, I headed off to pick up my boys at the private school they attended. (They usually rode the bus home but on that day I had promised to pick them up.) To my utter astonishment, I discovered that the very same Moorhead Kennedy, who then resided in New York City, was at that moment presenting as the featured speaker at a conference at the Episcopal Cathedral where the private school was housed - not affiliated with the church but renting their space.

Conscious Intelligence

With billions of people on the planet, can you possibly explain how I could be standing in the same building, only a few feet away, from some unknown person who had been called to my attention less than an hour before? Of course not. This was infinite intelligence at work - the same intelligence structured into your conscious awareness, the ground of everyone’s being. So periodically remind yourself throughout the day that your conscious awareness, your True Self, has no limits, no boundaries, no problems! And it sure can set up some amazing experiences to get your attention!

With love to all,
Carol Howe


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