Failures in communication can point the way to healing! Find out how!


Key Takeaways

1) What one person says and another hears can be worlds apart. Selective perception at work.
2) When we don’t feel “heard” or recognized, ancient wounding is being activated.
3) Hard as it is to swallow, this activation is our salvation since it points exactly to a belief that must be released for our happiness and peace to grow.

Agents Of Change

Since we’re here in the midst of great turmoil in the world, we can take comfort in knowing this is not an accident; we are agents of change whether we like it or not. Operating on this assumption, how do we make the most of this situation? With our lives more unsettled and cramped than usual, relationships might more easily serve as triggers for areas where we need to heal.

A major area of discord comes from communication failures. Speaking personally, I realize that my communication skills can be an asset when used in the service of reaching out to all of you, and in certain rare circumstances, a defense against being “found out” to be generally not okay on the other. Insane, indeed, but we all have our share of completely false beliefs installed in infancy that we are steadily addressing as life unfolds.

How does communication failure occur?

The Power of Perception

It occurs because there is not one accurate and true experience that occurs that can be mis-remembered, or not, but as many experiences as there are participants. Each individual’s experience is internally created based on a matrix of personal programming. Therefore, we see and hear what we expect to see and hear. This is a case of selective perception.

How does healing occur from it?

Lack of understanding can feel like an attack. That is because it triggers, but does not cause, a long-held wounding belief to come into conscious awareness so it can be recognized and ultimately released. The trigger is like taking a bandaid off a wound so it can heal. This is the healing blessing part. Essential - yes! Hurtful - also yes, but essential for letting go.

I sure do hope I can communicate how much we are here for you, not only when life is weird and releasing might be happening, but always. Listening to you is our mission!

With love and peace to you,


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