“Getting unborn!" Releasing pain and claiming peace of mind!


Key Takeaways

1) Become aware of the innocent, brilliant, and secure truth by releasing small, self-attacking thoughts about yourself.
2) This release of false beliefs is like “being unborn” - back to the beginning before the self-doubt and fear set in.
3) When this becomes the goal, we’re given the perfect help - often in the most unexpected ways!

Getting Unborn

How about if we continue the only job in town - letting go of self-condemnation in order to access happiness, contentment, and safety. That cannot happen as long as the “story of me,” the self-concept, the ego mind, the personal self - different names for the same thing (artificial constructs with which we identify and erroneously believe are true) get all our attention. My new favorite phrase for continually letting go of false beliefs and replacing with the truth is “getting unborn.” My fabulous deep-tissue massage therapist invented this phrase during a recent session with him.

As part of this continuing process of returning to the beginning of life, shedding the baggage, I was guided to go through some boxes of material of my parents, collected throughout their many years of marriage and now saved for my children. Included were about 550 letters written to one another over a near two-year period before they were married when not living in the same town. I was literally compelled to read them over a several-week period. Wow! What a trip! It was being invited deeply into their souls, fears, beliefs, prejudices, and like watching a movie from the beginning when you already know how it ends.

How Life Really Works

Although very bright, well-spoken, civic-minded, highly regarded, wanting to do the right thing, etc., they were clueless as to how they were getting in their own way and undermining their happiness. I keep thinking it would be so wonderful to say, “Okay, you two, have a seat and I’m going to tell you how life really works! You could have saved yourselves so much heartache if you had only known. And, by the way, deepest and most sincere thanks for providing the perfect 'repressed, uninformed psychological environment' that would fuel my life-long quest of discovery about what life is really all about.” :)

Since they are not here in time and space dimension to have a chat, I hope you will choose to be the recipients of all that I have discovered to be true, often the hard way, and that works to reveal to you your ever-present grace and safety. In the final analysis, “getting unborn” is the only game in town worth pursuing!

Much love and deep peace to all of you,


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