In challenging times, we can count on help to see us through!


Key Takeaways

1) This is a major time for new beginnings for a better way to live.
2) Help is always here for all of us, but we must do our part.
3) Our part is to listen to our inner guidance, or intuition, instead of ego plans.

Help Is Here

Less than two weeks ago, I experienced a very strange occurrence in my house (you’ll have to watch the video to find out what it was!!) and the accompanying message seemed to be: “Just to let you know we’re all here and all is well.” My sense of this quick little thought felt very upbeat although I have no idea who or what the “we” in “we’re all here” was referencing. The conclusion seemed to be that we’re being given lots of help and it’s up to us to do our part.

Doing Our Part

So what is our part? I felt reminded of Chapter 30 of A Course In Miracles entitled, “The New Beginning” and you do not have to be a student of ACIM to benefit from this message. In order to initiate that new beginning, we’re advised to keep this in mind throughout the day: “I will make no decisions by myself,” which translates into "I will not indulge my ego and make decisions only on what’s best for 'me and mine'." The only alternative is to be directed and advised by one’s intuition or guidance. We’re promised that if we do that, the day will have a much preferable outcome in terms of our peace of mind.

Guidance Can Lead The Way

In case you might wonder, guidance is recognized by an idea simply floating into your awareness and presenting itself and your inner response might be “yes.” This would be different from your ego’s plotting and planning about what should be done. Or you might notice a feeling of “rightness” or an uplift in energy. In any case, if you are diligent about following that sense of guidance, you will indeed be doing your part in the greater healing to which we are now called. Happy listening!!

Love to all of you and enjoy the video!


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