Learn To Be An "Ego Whisperer" And Take Charge With Kind Assertiveness


Key Takeaways

1) Riding a horse safely takes some skill; so does living with your ego.
2) Your ego can run away with you, just as horses can, if you fail to be in charge.
3) Learn to be an “ego whisperer” with personhood in service to your real loving presence.

When I was a young teenager, my cousin - fairly recently moved to our home town - asked if I would like to go horseback riding with her. She had grown up in a city in the northeast where her passion and brilliance related to horses had not had a chance to flourish. But when she moved down south, that opportunity became available and it took no time at all for her to discover this love and to become an accomplished horsewoman. She was more than that - a real horse whisperer! No horse was ever inclined to disobey her.

The Ego Running Wild

So one fateful summer afternoon, we did indeed start our ride in a pleasant manner, which was good since I had been on a horse only a few times and had no skills whatsoever in that department. Then the fun began. She suggested we take a shortcut from one pasture to another via a busy commercial street. This meant riding between cars on the street, parked cars, pedestrians, etc. Even that was okay until - her horse got slightly ahead of mine at which time mine started to run, her’s followed suit, and soon we were galloping full speed a head under very dangerous circumstances. I had no control whatsoever over this horse, period. Yikes - a runaway horse with an incompetent and inexperienced rider. Not a good combination, but somehow we survived to tell the tale. So the moral of this story is that our egos will run away with us just like those horses if you are not in charge. And that outcome will not be as benign as our riding adventure turned out to be.

How To Take Back The Reins

The paramount ego needs for control and survival will run away with you, overturning everything in its path, if you do not overtly choose to rein in those personal, self-serving inclinations. To truly guarantee your happiness and safety, you can always change your mind and live in service to love, joining, and being truly helpful. You will be helpless in the grip of that always fearful and unfulfilled ego self if you don’t take responsibility. Remember, it has only the life you give it by paying attention to it. So now you can pay attention to something else and become a true “ego whisperer,” where you’re in charge and it obeys you. All those talents, skills, connections and more that once served the ego can now serve a higher purpose - a much safer and more fulfilling “ride!”

Every blessing to all of you,

Carol Howe


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