Let Us All Come Back To Life By Replacing Fear With Love!


Key Takeaways

1)  The Easter message reminds us that resurrection - coming back to life - is our goal
2)  This time of enforced quiet is a gift enabling us to refocus on the truth of our Oneness
3)  Love and kindness ultimately prevail over fear and cruelty

Coming Back To Life

So glad to be joining with you on this very meaningful day, regardless of your religious preference.  The word that is important for us is “resurrection,” which does not apply only to one person but to every single one of us.  The word means “coming back to life,” implying that we have experienced the brilliant eternal truth of ourselves, we've lost sight of it, and we are exploring the challenges of experiencing “separate personhood.” Thus, we’re constantly being invited to return to this light-filled truth of our very being.  So every day it would be wise to remember the need to allow our own resurrection rather than following unexamined ego programming.

In the video I mention the power of music (for which I am endlessly grateful!) to uplift and inspire, especially during challenging times. I also refer to one of the hundreds of wonderful  videos now available online with virtual choruses, other musical events and gatherings of all kinds. The one mentioned is of 700 young children, mostly from Italy, all recording in their homes and sending to a central location and edited together.  Precious!

Time To Return Home

The song they are singing is Nessun Dorma  - the final song from the opera, Turandot, usually considered the most famous operatic aria every written.  Nessun Dorma means ‘Let no one sleep" and the last words of this aria, sung by the male lead whose name is LOVE,  are “Victory - I will win!”  So perfect for Easter Sunday since the entire story line of the opera is that ultimately love and kindness prevail over fear and cruelty.

I am including two links below if you’re interested in listening.  The first one is of the young children’s group and the second is by the “grown up kids” - a group called Il Volo - three young Italian men who met about 10 years ago as teenagers and started singing together.  The rest is history. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do as we dedicate ourselves anew to our own resurrection - ending the “sleep of forgetfulness” and returning home to light and love.


With love to all,

Carol Howe


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