The silence and presence of nature - here for us!


Key Takeaways:

1) Nothing in nature complains/judges, but simply exists
2) Take a walk in nature without thinking/evaluating and notice the serenity
3) Keep your attention on the experience of Here/Now with an open heart

Comfort Through Presence

Once again, we’ll have a look at another way to feel comforted during our turbulent times - through a focus on nature. That includes anything natural - trees, plants, grass, rocks, dirt, water, cactus and more. (I am not including animals in this short little segment - that’s for another time.) Specifically, I want you to “listen” to the stillness and presence of all these elements.

So imagine we’re taking a walk through some natural venue. The “we” is comprised of you, me, and the presence of helpful, loving guidance. The “whatever is walking with us” is reminding us to simply be present with no judgment, no evaluation - to be Here/Now just noticing with an open heart. As you walk, allow the unperturbed stately calm of trees and serenity of other natural objects to fill your awareness. In this silence, there is no judgment, resistance, or objection. There is literally peace and quiet.

Simply Be Aware

The point is to be Here/Now simply observing and experiencing with no running commentary, no opinions as you experience this walk. Do not think; simply be aware. Thinking takes your attention away into an imaginary past or future and you lose the experience of what is in your immediate present. When you lose awareness of the present, you lose the experience of being you - and therein lies all our sense of loss.

With love - and definitely - peace for all,


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