Time to End the “Forever” War Against Yourself!


Key Takeaways

1) The ego is in a constant un-winnable war against Love.
2) Since Love always prevails, might as well surrender now.
3) Living “above the battleground,” and not on it, is our reward with gifts beyond measure! 

The War Is Almost Over

A particularly brilliant and powerful chapter of A Course In Miracles is entitled, “The War Against Yourself.” It also reassures us that once we head down the path of self-discovery and releasing guilt that it is almost over. I remember the amazing day of the end of World War II. It was somewhat bewildering for us little first-graders as people ran down the halls of the school, frantically shouting, “The war is over, the war is over!!!” But indeed it was, and although I was still a bit worried about that “enemy with the bayonet” in the propaganda posters, distributed everywhere, and possibly coming to get us, things slowly began to lighten up. The country as a whole did not release the fear that seemed to be hanging in the air, casting a somber shadow over daily life, over night. But there was a palpable sigh of relief and after a couple of years, a brighter and safer and more normally functioning era began - at least from my point of view.

Love Always Wins

And so it is with us as we end the war against ourselves. And the war, of course, is between our ego minds and the brilliant, loving Truth of our eternal, unblemished nature. Ultimately, in the end, Love will win - not because it is entering the fight, but because it has all the power. But it takes time to recover from our allegiance to our ego minds, just as with the second World War. But steadily, one day at at time as we continue to choose love over fear, follow our guidance and release those grievances, the light is brighter, we feel freer and safer and we find ourselves “above the battleground” instead of on it.

Above The Battleground

Being at peace is a much better deal than being constantly in a “forever war" with ourselves, others, and our Creator, however you understand that, so I wish for all of us permanent residence “above the battleground” from which place we send love and blessing to those who have not yet chosen the end of their personal war.

With love and much peace to all,


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