The Up Side of Being Closed Down!


Key Takeaways

1) What if we are being “confined” for a positive reason?
2) Love is always here for us if we are still long enough to recognize it.
3) Our part is to stay present, notice, and experience - not try to make things happen.

Cabin Fever

Here we’ll address the rampant “cabin fever” many are experiencing during these strange and unsettling times. It would be fair to say so many feel bound, tethered, or compromised with the lack of any certainty about what’s next. Naturally we don’t like this intrusion into “how life is supposed to be” as we continue down this unknown path. But what if it’s for our own good? ACIM addresses this directly in the text. Here is a snippet of the passage:

"Undermining the ego’s thought system must be perceived as painful, even thought this is anything but true. Babies scream in rage if you take away a knife or scissors, although they may well harm themselves if you do not. In this sense you are still a baby. You have no sense of real self-preservation, and are likely to decide that you need precisely what would hurt you most.” ----

How To Feel Safe and Loved

So what if we’re “tethered” for a powerful and positive life-changing reason - an enforced opportunity to stay present in this Now moment, the only home of peace and safety. As you begin to settle the frantic thinking mind, often focusing on past regrets and future potential disasters, you can start to experience Now, “losing yourself” in this single, but continuous, moment of peace where you are actually safe and completely loved. And isn’t that what all that thinking is basically for - to figure out how to be safe and loved? So rather than fighting our confinement, we might as well decide to cooperate. We all deserve the gifts life is continually offering us. Our part is to stay present, notice, and experience!

With love and peace to all,


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