How your beliefs about cause and effect are holding you back


Key Takeaways

1) We are deeply confused about the nature of cause and effect
2) Our current situation is a perfect one for practicing a change of mind
3) A change of mind will always bring about a change in circumstances - try it and see!

The Radical Shift

First and most importantly, sending many blessings and comfort to everyone! It’s not an accident we’re experiencing this outbreak now and it affords us a marvelous opportunity to practice seeing things differently and putting what we know into practice. ACIM (and other wisdom teachings) make clear that we profoundly misunderstand cause and effect - In fact, reverse it - and because of that, deeply interfere with having the life we were created to experience. Early on we are introduced to Lesson 5, I Am Never Upset For The Reason I Think, with the goal of beginning the process of radically shifting our beliefs and understanding around cause and effect.

Virtually everyone has been taught that the world events, situations, things, elements, organizations, inhabitants, and more have the power to cause the circumstances and emotions in our lives. It has never occurred to us that this is a belief and not an actual fact. Thus, we have focused on our “obvious” victim status and learned ways to defend and negotiate in the world. With this lesson (and more to come), we are challenged about this, and ultimately led to the experience, and then understanding, that our beliefs about ourselves, our basic nature, worth, and possibilities are the cause of both form and emotions and therefore, we are in the “driver’s seat” of the quality of life.

Upgrade Our Operating System

These false, limiting, but life-driving beliefs have been with us since infancy, and thus out of normal awareness, but now must be acknowledged, explored, and released - our “operating systems” upgraded - and then you will discover you are in charge of your safety and happiness, and not the “world out there." Do not take my word for it but try it out. Decide to steadily take better care of yourself by more loving and understanding acceptance of yourself and others and watch your life change.

You deserve nothing less than a happy, safe, and peaceful life experience - and with your choices you will have it!

With love to all,


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